Friday, October 21, 2016

One Day...

As a plus size woman, I have found it awfully difficult to express my sense of style. I'm so grateful for the leaps and bounds the fashion industry has taken in providing plus size women with more options; however, it isn't enough for me. Style has taken a back seat to comfort (AKA yoga pants) and a fear of chafing. I have always loved clothes, putting together outfits I enjoy, but being the size that I am has put a damper on that party-- I feel so limited. Polyvore has allowed me to express this sense of style that I speak so fondly of. Though I am a bit sad I can't don these duds at the moment, it gives me a little bit of motivation and excitement for what's to come. It seems like such a small thing, but it's something I lost when I allowed my weight to spiral out of control. I'm excited to get that back. I'm excited that I don't shy away from this because it sucks that I can't wear the clothes now. I'm excited to one day regain what I feel I've lost in all of this- a big part of myself- my style and my love for expressing it.

One Day...

Sunday, February 17, 2013

Spring Thirteen

Now, these are my top ten must-have inspiration pieces for the upcoming spring season. Maybe I am jumping the gun a little; however, I am going to school in Idaho, and it is freezing and snowy, SO screw it- I'm excited. So here goes:

1. Totally tribal- tribal prints, tribal shoes, bags, jewelry- I WANT IT ALL.
2. FLORAL- I know, I know, "Floral for spring- a revelation." But it just must be done. I am most excited about the lovely, lady-like prints in the Prabal Gurung for Target collection.
3. BB Cream- It has been all the rage in the beauty scene for a while now, so I am finally ready to give in. It provides a perfectly easily coverage that absolutely necessary for warmer, sunnier, and beachier weather.
4. Geo Shades a.k.a. Killer Shades- My whole thing for sunglasses this spring is, "Shape Shades". They're just kind of amazing and totally fun. There I said it, FUN.
5. Dainty and Pistachio- So this is a twofer. I'm looking for something lovely, girly, and in this fabulous shade. It's unexpected and perfect.
6. Flatforms- I have been interested in these since this past summer; however, I have been worried about my ability to pull them off. Since then, I have realized I am awesome and so are these shoes, and so, obviously, we must be together.
7. Quote Totes- I am absolutely loving these totes. I saw one that simply said, "Can't afford a Birkin." Love it- Have to have it- Totally and sadly true.
8. B&W Print- I am always a fan of the classics. Black and white never fail. So what could be more lovely than putting these two colors into TD4 prints? Nothing- nothing could be more lovely.
9. Kate Spade Jewelry- Kate Spade has just the poppy style and color palette to brighten up anyone's Spring season wardrobe.
10. Eyelet Everything- I just love it, and it's kind of a flashback. Light and airy- totally Spring.

Tuesday, January 1, 2013

A New Years Resolution to Resolve

I spent my New Years Eve in Vegas, and I must say, it was INSANE. It has been a while since I have been around so many people... all at once. It was definitely an experience; however, I think it may be a one.... maybe two... time thing. And in regards to resolutions, as stated above, from this day forward: I resolve to not let guys treat my heart like monkey meat... And eat better, and exercise more, and keep a journal, and all of those other resolutions I tend to make and not keep. Alright, I am off to recover from quite the New Years celebration. Happy New Years, blogees.