Sunday, February 17, 2013

Spring Thirteen

Now, these are my top ten must-have inspiration pieces for the upcoming spring season. Maybe I am jumping the gun a little; however, I am going to school in Idaho, and it is freezing and snowy, SO screw it- I'm excited. So here goes:

1. Totally tribal- tribal prints, tribal shoes, bags, jewelry- I WANT IT ALL.
2. FLORAL- I know, I know, "Floral for spring- a revelation." But it just must be done. I am most excited about the lovely, lady-like prints in the Prabal Gurung for Target collection.
3. BB Cream- It has been all the rage in the beauty scene for a while now, so I am finally ready to give in. It provides a perfectly easily coverage that absolutely necessary for warmer, sunnier, and beachier weather.
4. Geo Shades a.k.a. Killer Shades- My whole thing for sunglasses this spring is, "Shape Shades". They're just kind of amazing and totally fun. There I said it, FUN.
5. Dainty and Pistachio- So this is a twofer. I'm looking for something lovely, girly, and in this fabulous shade. It's unexpected and perfect.
6. Flatforms- I have been interested in these since this past summer; however, I have been worried about my ability to pull them off. Since then, I have realized I am awesome and so are these shoes, and so, obviously, we must be together.
7. Quote Totes- I am absolutely loving these totes. I saw one that simply said, "Can't afford a Birkin." Love it- Have to have it- Totally and sadly true.
8. B&W Print- I am always a fan of the classics. Black and white never fail. So what could be more lovely than putting these two colors into TD4 prints? Nothing- nothing could be more lovely.
9. Kate Spade Jewelry- Kate Spade has just the poppy style and color palette to brighten up anyone's Spring season wardrobe.
10. Eyelet Everything- I just love it, and it's kind of a flashback. Light and airy- totally Spring.

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